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A Message from Mike Munro, Transocean’s CCO


As Transocean’s Chief Compliance Officer, I have the great privilege of meeting Transocean people from all over the world. There can be no doubt that the diversity of our workforce in terms of background, nationality and ethnicity makes this company great. With diversity of our people obvious and a key component of our success, the commonality of our focus and commitment, along with the desire to help Transocean succeed in an ever changing business environment, is clear.

Nowhere else is the commonality of our focus and commitment better described than in our Vision and FIRST Core Values. Our Vision describes our focus on innovation and excellence, our Customers, an incident-free workplace, overcoming challenges and delivering outstanding value. The commitments described in our FIRST Core Values are clear: we WILL conduct our business with financial discipline, Integrity and honesty, Respect, Safety and Technical leadership  

My role as CCO and the task of Transocean’s Legal Compliance and Ethics team (LCE) is centered on the Core value of Integrity and honesty. The company understands that integrity, legal compliance and ethics are paramount to and the basis for our success. Therefore, because of the complexity of our business and the diverse laws that apply country to country, we must be diligent and have specific people and processes engaged to ensure compliance with our integrity related principles.

However, one of the key aspects of legal compliance and ethics is that each of us is responsible for maintaining the good reputation of Transocean, and our people. This responsibility has been and always will be up to each individual involved in our business. We must individually understand applicable legal requirements and what decisions and behaviors promote integrity and adherence to our other Core Values

To help, Transocean functions around the world, Finance, HR, IT, Legal and Compliance, Marketing, HSE, Supply Chain and Tax, are knowledgeable, well trained and available to provide specific guidance on compliance matters. None of us should ever hesitate to contact one of our functions to make sure we clearly understand what to do in each situation

One important area of compliance is anti-corruption. Our anti-corruption policy is clear: bribes may not be paid, promised or accepted. Transocean has developed extensive training and auditing programs relating to anti-corruption. Any bribery or fraud concern must be immediately brought to the attention to Bob Herrin, Vice President of Internal Audit, or me.

Thank you for your personal focus and commitment to Transocean, our Vision and our FIRST Core Values. Together, by our diversity and commonalities, “Transocean will be universally recognized for innovation and excellence in unlocking the world’s offshore resources.”


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