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APA East Rigs Show Support for Injured Crewmember


Transocean rigs operating in Australia often motivate each other through performance and competition, using their camaraderie and friendships to encourage one another. This team solidarity is consistent on and between the rigs in the APA East operations; and they demonstrated that when they received the news of a seriously injured crewmember in the hospital. 

Each quarter, the top performing “Rig of the Quarter” is awarded USD $10,000 to spend on the rig for new gym equipment, televisions in the galley, whatever the crew decides. The Jack Bates and Transocean Legend received the award as “Rig of the Quarter” for the last two quarters in 2012 and they both selflessly came to quick decisions to donate their award money after hearing about Phillip Ruge, an Electrician on the Jack Bates. While home on his rotation off the rig, Phillip was in a car accident that left him seriously injured. His medical bills quickly increased and when crew members on the rigs heard about Phillip, they acted, gaining corporate approval for USD $20,000 that was donated to Phillip for his medical costs. 

Phillip’s family was overwhelmed by the generosity of his co-workers, stating in a thank you letter, “We thought it to be an amazing gesture of your concern for Phillip’s well-being.” After several months in the hospital, Phillip took his first walking steps with an aid on each side. His speech is still coming along but his family says he is making great progress and they are extremely grateful to those who have selflessly donated their awards to Phillip and all who care for him.

“We wish to offer our heartfelt thanks concerning your wonderful gifts to Phillip. Yes, these gifts of your generosity will be of considerable help in Phillip’s long road to, we trust, a full and complete, as possible, recovery. To you our warmest gratitude,” Phillip’s family wrote in their thank you letter to the company.

All of us at Transocean wish Phillip a quick and safe recovery.


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