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This year, the Upgrades and Repair Projects Group has been refining a complete stage gate process to ensure that projects worldwide are planned and executed according to stringent industry standards and practices. Shipyard projects around the world are continuing to exemplify and maintain Project Excellence.

Sedco 712

After  being cold-stacked off Invergordon, UK, since August 2009, the Sedco 712 is going to the forefront in the revival of the U.K. North Sea under a contract with customer, Talisman Sinopec Energy.   

When the Sedco 712 was selected by Talisman Sinopec Energy for the three-year contract, Transocean immediately began its partnership in creating more jobs, contributing to the British economy and working towards a strong future in the North Sea. The contract announcement also received the public’s attention when UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate change Edward Davey MP joined Talisman Sinopec, Transocean’s Adrian Rose, Vice President Europe, and Jasmin Begagic, Division Manager, Marketing, in Aberdeen to promote the Montrose Arbroath Redevelopment (MAR) Project the rig will be working on.

“We are delighted that Talisman Sinopec Energy has chosen to award this long-term contract for the Sedco 712 to join the Sedco 711 in delivering safe and efficient drilling operations in the UK North Sea,” Adrian said. “This contract underlines growing confidence in the long term future of the UK Continental Shelf. Transocean is pleased to be a service partner in the revival of the basin.”

The Sedco 712 reactivation project was spearheaded by Craig Gunn, Asset Manager, in November 2012 with the operations and upgrade and repair groups conducting the initial drops and access safety assessment surveys plus remedial efforts. The team’s hard work allowed reactivation work to commence and the rig to be safely moved on January 24 to Invergordon service base. The execution of the project commenced on February 7 and is now led by Jason Roberts, Project Manager, Upgrade Projects.

The newly-forming rig team and project teams are bonding together to face the challenges ahead, partnering with Global Energy to facilitate the estimated 1.5 million man hours required to execute the known workscope. The challenges include integrating the new team in a dynamic and high intensity environment while promoting and endorsing our safety culture.

On completion, this project provides Transocean with its first U.K. North Sea rig to be outfitted with a new Hydril compact five ram BOP, as well as ensuring the rig is fully equipped for 10 more years of safe and reliable operations. The Sedco 712 is scheduled to commence the contract in October 2013.

Transocean Leader

Transocean Leader, a harsh environment high-specification floater, recently completed a shipyard project within budget, and earlier than planned.

After approximately 770,000 man hours, the crew had installed a new BOP guiding system, two new deck cranes, BOP crane upgrades, new thruster control system and all cabins and the galley were upgraded, to name a few of the achievements. A main upgrade was the installation of new drillers cabin, which formed the critical path for the project.

The crew’s hard work was exemplified by completing the project nine days ahead of schedule. They also overcame many weather challenges, including record rainfall for Bergen in October and long periods of snow with -10 degrees Celsius temperatures in November and December. In the face of challenging weather conditions, the team was still able to paint the hull. The crew also proactively found ways to continue their work without the help of most deck cranes as they were out of service.

The Transocean Leader returned to work for Statoil on January 4, 2013 in Norway.

Discoverer Seven Seas

A “One Team” philosophy aboard the Discoverer Seven Seas (DSS) drove an under budget, ahead of schedule upgrade project in the Keppel Shipyard Benoi, Singapore. The shipyard project was put together to capitalize on an unexpected warm stack period. The rig team, both crew and management, took immediate ownership of the tight timeline and project scopes.

The three-month project began in November 2012 and was completed 15% under budget compared to Stage Gate Three (SG3) with a TRIR (total recordable incident rate) of zero. Early completion of the shipyard scope allowed the rig to go into operations one week earlier than planned, increasing the revenue stream of the rig.

“The project was successful in doing all the work we had planned, plus some additional, within the allotted time and budget,” said John McCann, Project Manager. “The rig crew were excellent and we all managed to work well together. There was a lot problem-solving and challenges met with good teamwork and, personally, I am very pleased with the result.”


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