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Deepwater Frontier Recognized by ExxonMobil as Team of the Week


The crew on the Deepwater Frontier was recently named by ExxonMobil as Team of the Week (see letter on page 5). Selected from among the customer’s worldwide operations, the DWF crew was recognized for safety leadership and positive results during a recent OIMS (Operations Integrity Management System) audit.

Joel Kiker, Vice President, Drilling, ExxonMobil, commented that “the culture on the Frontier has come a long way,” recognizing the hard work each employee has put into achieving the change in positive culture and performance.

During the audit, the DWF team was recognized for ExxonMobil and Transocean “actions taken to establish strong rig site culture and witnessed strong field participation during rig site risk assessment (BOP alarm), good process and interaction.”

John Stobart, Transocean Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, acknowledged the crews accomplishment with the customer, stating, “Commendations like this from a customer like Exxon are strong evidence that you are getting it right.” Congratulations, DFW team!

In addition, the DWF Team was recognized by ExxonMobil, for working 50 days “hurt-free,” which means no one reported a hurt of any kind regardless of the severity. The customer-sponsored campaign rewards the crew with a gift card for every 50 days hurt-free.

Transocean recognized the DWF as one of the top 10 improved rigs, with a six-percent increase on the worldwide scorecard for the month of September 2012. Led by the consistent hard work of the DWF crew, they also accomplished their goal of at least 90% training compliance before the end of 2012.

Congratulations, DWF Team, for your hard work the last three-years, especially with our customer ExxonMobil.


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