GSF Galaxy III Crew Celebrates Christmas Onboard


James Girvan, Driller, sits with Santa, Richard Morrison, night Toolpusher, during “Secret Santa.”


The GSF Galaxy III crew was well-prepared to spend the Christmas holiday onboard the rig and organized a “Secret Santa” and Christmas costume competition in celebration of the holiday. Even the cooking crew participated in some of the events.

Fundraising efforts are always the core of any holiday or celebration for the rig. The crew raised £2,500, over USD $3,900, which was separated into three different charities. The largest sum went to a fellow crewmember to help fund medical treatment for his son in the United States. The remainder went to RNLI, a charity that saves lives at sea; Aberlour Trust, a  Scotland Children’s charity; and the Richmond Fellowship, an organization whose mission is to support and encourage people with mental health problems.


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