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INBOX: Letters from our customers


GSF Constellation-I

It was our very first well directly operated by Mitsubishi group and we were under lots of pressure. Mitsubishi Petroleum Development Company Nguma, or MPDC, contracted GSF Constellation I to drill wild cat NGYSM-1 in 3Q 2012 in Nguma permit, offshore Gabon.

The first big decision for us actually came a year before, when we decided to drill this 120m WD (water depth) with a jackup. So, many intensive discussions, clarifications after clarifications were made with Transocean to make sure this can be done.

Then came the early release of the rig by previous operator, which inevitably pushed us into earlier mobilization of everything by three weeks. It creates quite a tension when you know the rig is coming to your account before your towing boats would arrive!  And thanks to Transocean who decided to bring back their own towing boat which just left Gabon, so no rig standby waiting for the boat happened.

Above are just small examples of intensive cooperation between Transocean and Mitsubishi. What we are really excited about working with Transocean was the pro-activeness of their local team to keep us fully informed and to discuss all the risks and possible solutions.

Professionalism, no doubt, but not only that. Working shoulder to shoulder all through the project, we felt to our skin that Transocean is seriously devoted to make Mitsubishi’s first drilling successful. It was this sense of devotion and engagement that made us one team.

As a result, our 91 days of rig hire went with no waiting on material, no LTI, and no medical treatment case. We are very proud of this result, and a big salute to Transocean team.

Port-Gentil Branch, Gabon, MPDC Nguma Ltd.


GSF Arctic I

The crew was really professional and the management of the unit also played an important role, raising the performance level of the rig and above all, the rig was operated safely.

Jeff Holbein
Operations Superintendent
Vanco E&P Brazil


Transocean Legend

Please express my personal gratitude to all of your personnel for Transocean’s cooperation during this past week.

All of us on the rig have performed well during this past week. This was a result of good communication, good cooperation and good teamwork that is prevalent on the Transocean Legend.

CoP Senior Drilling Supervisor
Transocean Legend


Kuala Lumpur Training Center

Based  on overall feedback and comments given by All Rounded Drilling Engineers (ARD), we are truly impressed with how the course was conducted and it has been also reflected in the marks obtained… as well as the ratings given.

We would like to send our utmost gratitude to Transocean for the excellent services and commitment in conducting and completing the programs. It was truly a success and it is clearly a result from the hard work put in by everyone involved. We have benefited a lot from the program especially our engineers. We hope Transocean will continue to conduct these programs for our engineers and together we will succeed in contributing to the industry as a whole.

AfizzaAnisBt A Rahman
Drilling Technical Coach


Deepwater Frontier

Team of the Week is Deepwater Frontier team led by Elielson and Murugan. The drill team continues to perform well and this past week has been challenged on a number of occasions with ideal outcomes resulting from their call to action, understanding the situation in those circumstances and most importantly good teamwork. 

Steve Wilson
Drilling Operations Superintendent
ExxonMobil Development Company - Drilling


Discoverer Luanda

December 6, 2012, the chokes were opened on the first three wells on the PSVM development. Hydrocarbons arrived at the FPSO at 18:26 hrs. This marked a significant milestone for Angola, BP and its partners.

The PSVM development is a major piece of business for Angola and for BP. It is the largest subsea development in the industry and is the first Ultra-Deepwater Development in Africa. The DSL team has been a big part of this achievement, and to date, has provided six wells for the initial start-up (4 oil producers, 1 Water Injector and 1 Gas Injector) and an installed Production Capacity in excess of 100,000 BPD. All of the producing wells have exceeded expectations in terms of production capability which is due in large part to the quality of the completions. Although the DSL had a rough start, there has been a major improvement in the overall delivery over the past 6-8 months with the most recent well coming in 19 days ahead of schedule with a total NPT of 9.8%. The DSL Team should be proud of their accomplishment and excited about the potential for the future.

I want to thank the DSL Team (Transocean, BP, and all of the Service Providers) for the continued commitment and focus and look forward to continued success as we work to achieve our goal of “No Accidents, and Delivery of our Plan”. 

Bill Schofield
Vice President, Regional Wells, 
BP Angola


Jack Bates

Since the beginning of the Bassett West well with Total, I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the START cards that are being prepared by the team on the Jack Bates. These cards demonstrate that the START principles are exceptionally well understood. Your efforts to improve safety do not go unnoticed and every card is reviewed by Total’s management team. Each week I see cards that show a keen sense of observation or an individual who is obviously looking out for his fellow workers.

I honestly believe that this positive behavior sets the Jack Bates above many other rigs. START cards are a key element of our HSE culture and fundamental in avoiding the next accident. Your active participation is a part of keeping you and your colleagues safe at work.

Congratulations and keep up those START conversations.

Mike Ryan
Head of Operations
Total E&P Australia

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