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Congratulations to the Transocean Legend crew, which was recently recognized for their safety performance by customer ConocoPhillips over the last year. ConocoPhillips management sent this letter to recognize the team:

“Congratulations to the entire Transocean Legend team for achieving one year on contract with ConocoPhillips without a recordable incident or an environmental spill. Truly a very impressive accomplishment made possible only through your individual commitment to work safely and ensuring your work colleagues are doing so also. There is nothing more important to us than ensuring every person goes home safely. As the appreciation for the Legend safety performance achieved over the last year, ConocoPhillips will be presenting the rig with a token of our appreciation for a job well done. Enjoy.

“As we get ready to start the third well of the Browse exploration program, we look forward to watching the Legend continue to deliver exceptional safety results. This performance is clearly the result of great teamwork and personal commitment. It also shows that excellent performance can be achieved without sacrificing safety by planning ahead and questioning the “standard” way of doing things.

Thank you again for all your effort in making the Legend a safe place to work.” 

Daniel Leroux,
Drilling Manager, ConocoPhillips

Robert Neese,
Drilling Superintendent, ConocoPhillips

Tom Bealessio,
Lead Drilling Engineer, Conoco Phillips


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