Picture Perfect: Profiles of Transocean’s Annual Employee Photo Contest Winners


15 - 15Roy Donadlson, "Crew Change"Stevan Quadras, "Crane Operator"Roy Donaldson, "Welder's Workshop"Bob Coughlan, "Storm Inbound"Joshua Styx, "Silver Lining"Shanty Thomas, "I Believe I Can Fly"Keith Ridings, "Teamwork"David “Vik” Waters, "A Complex Complex"Matthew Leshko, "Blackhawk Down"Bryan Bandeko, "Four Kids on a Log"Harriet Fox-Bekerman, "Working at Sunset"Joshua Coffin, "Bass Harbor Lighthouse"Arvind Chauhan, "People at Work"Ryan Kilbride, "Working at Sunset"Arild Lillebo, "Trust"<>

The 12th Transocean Annual Employee Photo Contest proved, yet again, how talented and creative our people are. Over 500 entries were submitted to the contest’s five categories based on Transocean’s vision: Safety, Innovation and Excellence, Outstanding Customer Service, Value and Our People. This year’s winning photos were selected from a panel of professional photographers and are featured in Transocean’s 2013 calendar. Congratulations to all award recipients and thank you to everyone who participated, making it a fun, competitive contest. You can alos view a galelry of the winners here

Best in Show:

Roy Donaldson, Ballast Control Operator III, M.G. Hulme, Jr, Malaysia, “Crew Change Departure”


Safety Category:

Any image that relates to safe operations, looking after your co-workers or family, and providing an incident-free workplace, all the time, everywhere.

1st Place: Roy Donaldson, Ballast Control Operator III, M.G. Hulme, Jr., Malaysia

Roy’s photo titled “Crew Change Departure” captured what he described as the moment the offshore crews work for, “The moment we return home to our family and friends, safely, the way we left.” The inspiration for the photo came from watching the crew change and seeing the Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) give the final thumbs-up for a safe departure, as he stayed for his rotation on the rig. His perspective way captured from an Olympus OMD EM5 and was taken on the MG Hulme, Jr.  heli deck.

2nd Place: Stevan Quadras, Chief Electronic Technician, GSF Constellation II, Egypt

Aboard the GSF Constellation II, Stevan witnessed his co-worker focused at work and thought it was a great opportunity to display the hard work of his crew. “My inspiration was his attitude in a tough situation,” Stevan explained as the inspiration for the photo. The crane operator photographed on the high-specification jackup rig was working between the starboard leg and rig floor, moving a load to the main deck while the boom was raised more than 80 degrees. Stevan captured the safely operated move on a Sony Digital 8 megapixel camera. 

3rd Place: Roy Donaldson, Ballast Control Operator III, M.G. Hulme, Jr., Malaysia

Roy noticed an opportunity to show good housekeeping and proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when he walked by the welder’s workshop on the M.G. Hulme, Jr. “I wanted to show the welder wearing full PPE and his tidy steel racks in the background. Roy’s photography skills also won him first and third place in the safety division, including Best in Show. He used an Olympus OMD EM5 to capture his photo titled “Welder’s Workshop.”


Innovation and Excellence Category:

Photos related to technical achievements, leadership, or that feature the latest techniques or styles -- get creative!

1st Place: Bob Coughlan, Offshore QHSE Advisor II, Gabon

Bob’s innovation and excellence drew beyond what was pictured: his creative description of what the deteriorating boat symbolized and his editing to add detail, naturally made his photo stand out.  His inspiration for taking the photo supported his touch, “I was moved by the boat’s state of utter disrepair and found it to be more of an abandoned project than a work in progress. Although I’m not certain if it was a new-build or a repair project, I was told the boat had been there for a number of years, untouched and slowly deteriorating. I thought about the boat’s owner and what may have caused him to abandon the project, so apparently close to completion, and how this may have made him feel.”

2nd Place: Joshua Styx, Manager, Supply Chain, Houston Greenway 4 Office

Josh captured his photo off the coast of Belize with a Canon PowerShot 650is. “As I took the photo, I was imagining what it was like to be stuck at sea, miles from land, in the rainstorm beneath the cloud, surrounded by wind and water,” Josh noted as the inspiration for his photo. In addition, Josh believes his photo symbolizes the idea that in every negative situation, there is a positive aspect when we take the time to look for it. “If I step back and open my perspective, I find the black rainstorm surrounded by clear blue sky and rays of sunlight; by optimism and opportunity,” Josh explained, leading to the title of his photo, the “Silver Lining.”

3rd Place: Shanty Thomas, Senior Training Administrator, Mumbai, India

Shanty saw “team spirit” portrayed in the image she captured on her Sony Cybershot DSC T90 at a mall in Dubai. Titled “I believe I can fly,” Shanty’s photo was inspired by her idea of teamwork: “If we think big and work hard to achieve a goal, there is nothing impossible. In fact, the word impossible says I’m possible.” Shanty’s daily motivation is supported by this definition and continues to impact her career with Transocean.


Outstanding Customer Service Category:

Photos that showcase the ideas of partnership and service.

1st Place Keith Ridings, Rig Manager II, Thailand

Keith is an avid photographer and while he was strolling through a park with his wife, his photographer instincts took over as he saw what he described as an opportunity too good to miss. “My picture very simply portrays two ‘customers’ working together to assist and improve performance through mutual respect and encouragement, something often displayed between Transocean and Chevron in Thailand,” Keith said. He captured customer service in the image and title “Teamwork,” using a Pentax K20 DSLR with a 70-300 zoom lens in Chatuchak Park in Bangkok near the Transocean office.

2nd Place: David “Vik” Waters, Crane Operator, GSF Galaxy III, U.K. North Sea

Vik snapped his unique photo with a creative filter and scenic offshore view. “The beauty captured is often around us when we are offshore; we are usually just too busy to stop and appreciate it,” Vik explained. “The photo depicts assets that bring Transocean and customers together.” Vik took the photo on the Helideck of the GSF Galaxy III with a Canon EOS60D and a Tokina 11-16mm lens, which had an ND10 filter on it.

3rd Place: Matthew Leshko, Master, Development Driller II, North America

When Matt heard about a visit from the National Incident Commander for the federal government’s response to the Macondo incident, he thought it’d be a great moment to capture. “I believe that the great multifaceted effort by BP, Transocean and the U.S. Coast Guard to understand and overcome the situation was symbolized in this photo,” Matt stated. This unique visit to the Development Driller II in the Gulf of Mexico was captured using an Olympus Stylus Tough-6000, shockproof waterproof point and shoot camera.


Value Category:

What do you value? Transocean’s vision includes providing outstanding value to our employees, customers and shareholders -- but we know that value means different things to different people. Whether it’s a fun work environment, a strong work/life balance or career opportunities, this category is meant for you to show us what value looks like to you.

1st Place: Bryan Bandeko, Asset Manager, Transocean Honor and Trident XIV, Angola

“My kids were my inspiration for the photo and what I ‘Value’ most,” said Bryan said. “I enjoy spending as much time as I can with them and take photos of them just being kids.” Bryan was taking photos of the kids with his iPhone 4S when he noticed their shadows in the surf. They decided to hold hands while they were on the log, creating the perfect “Value” image for Bryan. “Like most kids, you can buy them all the toys in the world, but most often the best times and memories are from things they experience on their own; as a parent, that’s what I value.”

2nd Place: Harriet Fox-Bekerman, Well Engineer II, Aberdeen  “Working at Sunset”

Harriet used the ADTI office camera to capture her photograph titled “Working at Sunset.” The photo was taken on the Wilhunter AWilco rig in the North Sea when she was out taking photos of equipment. Harriet thought the angle of photo from symbolized what she values most, journeys home. “I edited the photo into black and white because I found that this accentuated the movement around the rotor blade tips,” Harriet explained.

3rd Place: Joshua Coffin, Second Assistant Marine Engineer, Deepwater Pathfinder, North America

Acadia National Park, in Mount Desert Island, Maine, is full of serene views and Josh was patient enough to wait around for the perfect sunset to hit off the coastal lighthouse. “I was enjoying the beautiful views so much I almost forgot to take the picture. I was glad I captured the amazing scene that I was viewing in real-life,” Josh explained. He took the photo with a Nikon D3100 camera he received as a Christmas gift. It was his first time out with the new camera and he put it to good use. “The photo depicts the beauty of Maine. I will struggle through four months of winter to enjoy days like this anytime! It serves as a peaceful reminder,” Josh added.


Our People Category:

Any photo of Transocean people doing what they do best.

1st Place: Arvind Chauhan, Crane Operator, M.G. Hulme, Jr.,India

Arvind knew he wanted to enter the photo contest to display the good works of Transocean people, so he grabbed his Olympus OMD-EM5 camera and looked for opportunities to capture an image that displayed the works of our people. In the control room of the M.G. Hulme, Jr., Arvind took a picture of what he titled “People at Work.” “I tried to capture the focused, diligent teamwork of our people. I thought the lighting from the hard hats was a neat addition to the black and white photo,” Arvind explained.

2nd Place: Ryan Kilbride, Senior DPO, Development Driller I, North America

Ryan’s photo of the sunset of the Development Driller I depicted what he calls “the nature of our job out here. We work 24/7, rain or shine, and even during incredible sunsets.” Ryan would try to catch pictures of crews “job at sea” to send home to his wife and kids. “I took a picture of a group of roustabouts scrubbing the helideck, not realizing what a great scene I had captured in the sunset,” Ryan explained. He took the photo on his iPhone and used some editing filters to make the sunset pop.

3rd Place: Arild Lillebo, Ballast Control Operator, Transocean Searcher, Norway

Arild’s captured a special moment in his winning photograph titled, “Trust.” His sister’s newborn baby reached out to grab his grandfather’s hand and that’s when he took the photo with his Canon D7. Edited in black and white, Arild creatively symbolized “the introduction of the baby to my family. It was a special day for us, and this picture depicts the generations that make up our family,” Arild explained. The picture was taken during his rotation off the rig in Ulsteinvik, Norway. 


Remember to save your award-winning photos for the annual photo contest that will open for entries Fall 2013. 


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