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We Never Forget

The upper left quadrant displays a derrick, which represents our industry. The upper right remembrance ribbon is in honor of the surviving crew and others involved in the response. The 11 stars on the ribbon stand for the crewmembers lost aboard the Deepwater Horizon. The lower left circle of people represents the Transocean worldwide population who gather together for support and assistance to those who were directly affected by the tragedy. And the lower right quadrant contains a wave, showing respect for our environment


We remember those who lost their lives on April 20, 2010.

 Jason Anderson, Toolpusher

Aaron Dale Burkeen, Crane Operator

Donald Clark, Assistant Driller

Stephen Curtis, Assistant Driller

Roy Wyatt Kemp, Derrickhand

Karl Kleppinger, Floorhand

Gordon Jones (M-I SWACO),

Drilling Fluids Specialist IV

Keith Blair Manuel (M-I SWACO),

Senior Drilling Fluids Specialist

Dewey Revette, Driller

Shane Roshto, Floorhand

Adam Weise, Floorhand


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