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The semisubmersible rig Sedco 711 was launched from the Korean Hyundai Shipyard in 1982. In attendance that day were Kees Witte, Transocean retired Sedco 711 Rig Manager;  Lady Menter; Alex Yule, OIM, Sedco 711; and Duncan Morison, Rig Manager. Thirty years later, they celebrated the anniversary (pictured left to right), by visiting Lady Menter in St. Andrew’s, Scotland, going through photo albums and reminiscing about the special occasion in 1982.  Lady Menter was married to Sir James Menter who worked for BP in 1982. Before it was bought by SEDCO, the BP-owned rig was called SEDCO/BP711,  which is the relationship that ties Lady Menter and her husband to the early days of the rig.

During their visit, Lady Menter called the Sedco 711 “her rig” and shared fond memories of the launch and follow-up visit to the rig in 1987. The Transocean team also presented her with a framed picture of the Sedco 711 and a Hoggit decenter with “30-Year Anniversary of the Launch of the Sedco 711” engraved.

“Sometimes we concentrate too much on the day-to-day of our business. Being able to spend a day with a young lady who remembers everything about that day in 1982 was great to see and be a part of,” said Duncan Morison about the unique experience.


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