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Service Anniversaries

35 Years


Congratulations to Ed Moro, Director of Operations,  AFM, and Bernard Berjeaud, Director of Operations, Transition Team, who were both recognized for their 35 years of service at Transocean. The AFM Unit team held a dinner at the Hotel Crillon, at Place de la Concorde, Paris. Both spouses of Ed and Bernard (Shirley and Nelly) were present, as well as the entire AFM office staff. Thomas Hinterseer, Assistant Vice President, Transition and Integration Management, presented to Bernard his seniority award, and Guilherme Coelho, Vice President, Africa and Mediterranean Unit, presented to Ed his award.

“I have always looked to Ed as an example of operational excellence,” Steven Newman, Transocean President and CEO, said in a note read at the team dinner. “Ed has a deep knowledge and understanding of equipment, operations, and the complex challenge of bringing together our people and our equipment to deliver quality service to our customers.”

Steven went on to recognize Bernard for his accomplishments. “I developed a great respect for Bernard’s ability to manage the whole ‘system’ - the complex combination of all of the ingredients that come together to execute a drilling operation. Bernard’s ability to assemble the system and then manage it to achieve optimal results, is a real skill. In this regard, he is a natural to support the Shelf Drilling transition.”

In conclusion of his speech, Steven said, “Both of these fine gentlemen have contributed significantly to the company over the course of the last 35 years, and I sincerely thank them.”

Nigel Brickell (left), Well Engineering, Division Manager, IME Division, received his 35-year service anniversary award. Nigel was awarded by Mohamed ElBashier, Operations Manager.






Douglas (Dougie) Faxon (right), Materials Coordinator, Transocean Prospect, celebrated 35 years with Transocean. He plans to retire later this year.











Christian Lassus (left), OIM, Trident XII, completed 35 years of service with Transocean.








Edward Eugene Yates (right), Electrical Supervisor, celebrated 35-years of service with Transocean. He received his award from Richard Calhoun, OIM.






Tony Trauth (right), Senior Toolpusher, GSF Grand Banks, received his 35-year service anniversary award from Chris Currie, OIM.







30 Years

Debbie Groff, Manager, Global HR Services, celebrated her 30-year service anniversary award with Keelan Adamson, Vice President, Human Resources.











Bob Webb (left), Maintenance Supervisor, Trident XIV, received his service anniversary award for 30 years with Transocean.







Randy Sivils (center) Rig Manager, Discoverer Enterprise, celebrated his 30-year service anniversary with Jason Braquet, OIM, and James Stewart, Master.







25 Years

Rubins Lopes Dos Santos (center), Electrician, Sedco 710 received his 25-year service award from Ray Worth (left), Rig Manager and Alberto Garcia, Operations Manager.





Iain Macaulay (right), Toolpusher, Deepwater Champion (DWC), received his 25-year service anniversary award from Mike McRae, OIM.






Don Bass (right), Toolpusher, Development Driller III, received his 25-year service anniversary award from Adam Hess, Rig Manager, DDIII.







20 Years

Martin Rogers (left), Assistant Driller, Discoverer Seven Seas, received his 20-year service award from Jim Godden, OIM.





Luther “Frank” Heckendorn (left), Mechanical Supervisor, received his 20-year service anniversary award from Jeff Marshall, Manager, Investigation Team. Frank is currently supporting worldwide Technical Field Support operations as a mechanical specialist.






Janet LeBlanc, Procurement Manager, North America Division, celebrated 20 years with Transocean.








Dale Hixon celebrated his 35-year retirement aboard the Deepwater Expedition after 12 years with Transocean. The DWE crew celebrated with a retirement luncheon and cake. “We all say it has been a pleasure working alongside you,” the crew said about Dale at his retirement. Congratulations, Dale! 



Bruce McArthur, Ballast Control Operator, Paul B. Lloyd, passed away on January 14, 2013.

Charles Farrien, Subsea Supervisor, Transocean Rather, passed away on January 18, 2013. 

Dennis Ferrell, Offshore Installation Manager, Deepwater Pathfinder, passed away on March 5, 2013.

Donald McIntosh worked for Transocean Corporate in Houston and passed away January 5, 2013.

Edward Stevens worked for Transocean Corporate in Houston and passed away January 9, 2013.

Gary Davidson, Audit Supervisor, Aberdeen office, passed away January 22, 2013.

James Trich, Offshore Installation Manager, GSF Rig 140, passed away on February 18, 2013.



Congratulations to Brian Townsend, Controller, Upgrade and Repair projects, Corporate, who welcomed baby girl, Aubrey Elizabeth Townsend, on December 27, 2012 at 11:14 a.m.




Congratulations to Steven Yorke, Barge Master III, APA Unit, and wife Ngoc Kim who welcomed baby boy, Marcus Richard, on January 4, 2013.









Mahesh Mishra, Senior Materials Coordinator, Trident 2, welcomed his baby boy on December 6, 2012. Congratulations!







Congratulations to Raviraj Bhairi, Barge Master, Trident 2, on the birth of his baby girl, born November 25.









Congratulations to Huynh Kim Tri (Woody), RSTC, Galveston Key, Malaysia, who married Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dieu on Sunday, January 20, 2013.






On the Move

The following promotions have been made since January 1, 2013 for levels director and above for onshore employees, as well as promotions to offshore installation managers.

Nicholas Fournier was appointed to Director, Human Resources, for APA Unit based in Kuala Lumpur.

Terry Lynn Loftis was promoted to Director, Engineering Support, based in the Houston Greenway Plaza 4 office.














Alaina Ramsay was promoted to Associate General Counsel for the APA Unit based in Kuala Lumpur.

Patrick Horn was appointed Offshore Installation Manager, Deepwater Champion.

Alan Warren was promoted to Offshore Installation Manager, Sedco 704.

Venkatrajan Srinivasa Murthi was appointed Offshore Installation Manager, Harvey H Ward.

Ismail Shihadeh Ahmed Khalil was promoted to Offshore Installation Manager, High Island IX.

William McKinley was promoted to Offshore Installation Manager,
GSF Arctic III.

Paul Wood was appointed Offshore Installation Manager,
Transocean John Shaw.


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