Measuring Our


Achievements and Milestones


Sonils Yard, Luanda, Angola celebrated three years without a recordable incident on April 16.


GSF Baltic achieved  one year with zero injuries on April 21.


Transocean Legend reached two-years with no recordable incidents on May 7 and four years with zero lost time incidents (LTI) on May 14.


GSF Magellan achieved one year spill-free operations on April 14.


Sedco 714 achieved six years LTI-free on June 16.


F.G. McClintock reached one “perfect” year with zero downtime and zero injuries on July 23, 2013.

Dhirubhai Deepwater KG1 celebrated  a zero total recordable incident rate (TRIR) on July 21 after one year and 1.9 million man hours.


Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2 achieved one year without an LTI on July 2.


Deepwater Expedition completed two consecutive perfect months (zero downtime, no LTI) in May and June 2013.


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