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Transocean Siam Driller off to a Strong Start

The newbuild Transocean Siam Driller (TSD) commenced its five-year contract earlier this year in Thailand and has exceeded customer expectations. The high-specification jackup working for Chevron impressed our customer during the first 90 days of operations, achieving no days away from work (DAFW) and zero recordable incidents on June 25, 2013.

“My warmest congratulations on this milestone! It takes a lot of planning, hard work and team effort to start-up a rig. You doing it IFO (incident-free operation) proves that you have what it takes to make history in the Gulf of Thailand, operating with Operational Excellence 100% of the time. You can do it, applying the tools that Transocean and Chevron have provided and firmly believing that ZERO is attainable. Again, congratulations!” wrote Phil T. Naïve, Drilling Superintendent, Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production, Ltd.

Before the TSD spudded well BEWV-07, the Transocean and Chevron Newbuild project teams performed Integrated Acceptance Testing, crew equipment training and full rig OE engagements to assist with getting the rig and crew prepared to start drilling operations as safely and efficiently as possible. The startup plan, originally scheduled for 30 days, took the team 16 days to complete. This teamwork impressed the customer and set the stage for future performance.

“I feel strongly that this validates all the work our two teams have done together over the past year to have the Siam Driller fully ready to drill coming out of the shipyard.  I also think this shows the power of your decision to foster a closer working relationship with Chevron when you opened your monthly project meetings to us.  I have been involved with other Transocean New Build mobilizations and this is the most successful outcome I have been involved in.  Thank you for yours, Mike’s and Pat’s leadership and team work in getting the Siam Driller into our operations.” said Scott McLeod, Drilling Operations Manager, Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production.

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