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Employees of Transocean India took customer relations to an exciting, fun level as they competed on June 1 with customer ONGC for a new Cricket Tournament Championship Trophy.

The first ever two-game cricket tournament was organized after Jimmie Bullock, Rig Manager, KG1, asked Anoop Hansda, Rig Manager, ONGC (customer on the KG1), if he wanted to attend a local cricket game to teach Jimmie the sport. Anoop responded, “If you really want to learn the game you have to play it yourself.” That’s all Jimmie needed to hear to get his team ready to go for a Transocean vs. ONGC cricket tournament.

“I talked with Mahantesh Ambadgatti, Operations Administrations Support for the India office and he found us a field and ordered the jerseys,” Jimmie said.  “I mentioned this in almost all of our meetings leading up to the game.  At first the guys weren’t serious about it until they realized how serious I was about it. I asked for names so they could be put on the jerseys; there wasn’t any turning back. We then settled on a date and field. The rest is history, I guess.”

Anoop and 12 other ONGC employees made up the ONGC team while the Transocean team was comprised of 18 Transocean employees, primarily KG1 onshore support, all out of the Mumbai office. The teams played two matches at the Thakur Sports club in Kandivali East. The first match ONGC scored 141 and Transocean scored 142 and in the second match Transocean scored 65 and ONGC scored about 50 runs: making the Transocean team the tournament champions. ONGC officers were very happy to be part of this cricket event as some of them played after 10 to 15 years. The tournament was followed by a dinner where trophies were handed out for the best batsman to Mitesh V from Tranoscean; best fielder to Anoop Hansda from ONGC; and best bowler to Jimmie Bullock. Jimmie played his first cricket game but played like any other bowler.  K B Choudhary, Head of Deepwater Drilling for ONGC presented the trophies. Transocean’s first place trophy, “Sits in the middle of the conference table in the Mumbai office board room. It’s a nice reminder of bonding time with our customers,” Jimmie said.

The all-day event was a great opportunity for Transocean employees to engage with our customer in a more informal setting and was well received by ONGC employees; family members were also invited. “K B Choudhary gave a very passionate speech at the dinner and thanked us for putting the tournament together,” said Nitin D’Mello, Operations Manager, Performance.  “They were very appreciative of the time and effort we put into building our relationship with them as a trusted business partner and from an employee relations perspective,” Nitin explained.

While the matches were initiated as a one-time teambuilding event, they are looking into making it an annual tournament to keep the camaraderie and the competition alive.

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