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GSF High Island II (HI2), a standard jackup working offshore Saudi Arabia, completed a five-well campaign 74 days ahead of schedule, saving nearly USD$7 million. The HI2 is one of the jackups under an Operating Agreement, managed by Transocean and transitioning to Shelf Drilling in the future.

A letter from customer Saudi Aramco was sent to the HI2 rig management, congratulating the crew on their impressive accomplishments.

“I would like to congratulate all of you for achieving an outstanding performance in this platform with rig HI2. Special thanks go to the rig foremen who played a major role in achieving this. All the five wells’ objectives were fully met and they were delivered 74.8 days ahead of target with a total savings of USD$6.81 million. The average lost time (LT) per well for the five wells was only 9.3%. This great achievement was a result of many optimization efforts and initiatives, your teamwork and dedication. Our thanks are also extended to the rig contractor and all service companies, please share this with them. Thank you again.”

Zaki Al Baggal
General Supervisor Offshore Drilling Engineering
Saudi Aramco

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