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Discoverer Deep Seas

“In 2001 the Discoverer Deep Seas, a Fifth Generation E-class drillship was delivered to the Gulf of Mexico. With the exception of two brief instances, the Deep Seas spent the 12 years supporting Chevron’s Deepwater Exploration and Projects Business Unit in executing our business plans. As the Deep Seas contract approaches expiration here in second quarter 2013 I wanted to take a moment to look back and recognize some of the critical milestones reached and the impact this next-generation drillship of a decade ago has had on the way we run our business, and the culture it helped create as I’ve witnessed over the past several years.

Starting out with one of the most notable impacts the Deep Seas had was drilling the “Tahiti prospect.” This became Chevron’s first major capital project (MCP) in the early 2000s, which was a discovery in Green Canyon Block 640 in approximately 4,100 feet water. It is one of the largest fields in the Gulf of Mexico to date and continues to be one of Chevron’s largest structures in the Gulf of Mexico. First oil commenced in early 2009 with a daily production on the Tahiti spar of ~125,000 barrels/day.

Although the Tahiti field had been the home of the Deep Seas for a long time, the Deep Seas did achieve many other record-breaking Chevron and industry firsts. For instance, the Deep Seas was the first ultra-deepwater rig to drill in water depths greater than 10,000 feet (Alaminos Canyon: Toledo – Nov 2003) and to drill to a total well depth of greater than 35,000 feet measured depth (MD) (Green Canyon: Northwood – Sept 2009). Under Chevron’s operation, the Deep Seas drilled more than 29 wells (more than 200 miles worth of footage), 12 batch sets and completed three wells, operating for a grand total of 19,884 hours ~ 10 years... Tangibly it has been very clear that the Deep Seas has been DWEP’s highest performing operation. The value of the Deep Seas extends far beyond its operational accomplishments. The people, the culture, and the way in which this family reached our operational goals is the legacy the Deep Seas and the team will forever be remembered within the Chevron organization.

It wasn’t that long ago (2004), when our business unit existed of roughly 40 folks comprised of drilling engineers, superintendents, drill site managers, and a few support and leadership heads. As it stands today, we are now a fully integrated organization with more than 300 people, which supports drilling, intervention, completion, dual gradient drilling, and all the support needed to operate five world- class drillships. Several of our current DWEP D&C (Deepwater Exploration and Projects - Drilling and Completions) leadership team members spent time learning and developing on the Deep Seas. With this said, the Deep Seas has been the corner stone of a culture that took over 10 years to fully mature and has become a standard of operation for all of our vessels in the DW-GOM. A culture that made the transition from “deeper cheaper” to “there is always time to do it right the first time;” a culture that strengthened our business partner relationships such that we have done away with the mind-set of “revenue protection” and have made the journey to “Operational Excellence.”

The future success of Chevron DWEP relies heavily upon a workforce where everyone recognizes the role they play as a leader. The Deep Seas has been building this legacy for quite some time and our organization is greatly appreciative of the accomplishments achieved during the quality time spent while the Deep Seas family supported Chevron. Where this journey ends, another begins, and the Deep Seas will continue to perform and be sought after and known to our organization as the drillship that started it all.”

Marcel Robichaux
General Manager Drilling and Completions DWEP BU,

GSF Baltic

“Congratulations for achieving the one year no hurts milestone. In my 30 plus years working in the drilling industry, there have only been a handful of rigs that have reached such a lofty goal. It is amazing what you have done.”

“This accomplishment is a true testament to your leadership, your relentless pursuit of excellence, and your courage to always do the right thing. It also shows the high level of care you each have for one another and not wanting to see anyone get hurt. I am confident you all will not relax your efforts, but please do pause for a moment to celebrate the success you have had, and then refocus on your next goal.  Keep it going! Please share my congratulations and appreciation to all the team members. Each of you are the true heroes in my book. Thank you and well done!”

Russel Langford
Drilling Operation Superintendent ExxonMobil

GSF Arctic III

“At the end of the Causeway and Fionn campaign, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the onshore and particularly the offshore team on the GSF Arctic III for the excellent operational performance and exemplary HSE behaviors and results.

Valiant Causeway embarked on a challenging two-well completion campaign commencing in mid-winter, which was successfully completed on schedule. A large part of this success was due to the good attitude and cooperation of the Transocean team. It was refreshing to work with a Transocean team who genuinely “Walk the Talk,” when it comes to health, safety and environmental performance. The GSF Arctic III’s six point plan is obviously executed passionately by the offshore and onshore support team. Most importantly for me, everyone has gone home without personal injury.

Valiant, working closely with its well engineering company have adopted the systems and culture prevalent on the rig, which has been a success. It’s encouraging to see that some of the rig’s initiatives, such as ‘Time Out For Safety’ conversations, are being adopted elsewhere in the industry.

It was a pleasure to work with the proactive and professional team on the GSF Arctic III and I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your team again. This campaign has been conducted efficiently and safely in marginal weather conditions.”

Bryan Atchison
Well Manager Engineer
Valiant Petroleum

Transocean Prospect

“I would just like to thank everyone for their support and commitment to both the E1y and the W1 wells at Rochelle. It has been a technical challenge with both wells but the teams have really come together and managed these in a highly professional and efficient way. What has impressed me is HSE performance and focus, dealing with the technical issues and maintaining efficiency.

HSE: I have been extremely impressed with the commitment to HSE. There has not been any compromise and with the excellent attention to detail we have managed some very complex operations without a major event. Congratulations to everyone involved and especially the team on Prospect for driving this forward.

Technical issues: We have had our fair share of challenges on both E1y and W1, but in every event these have been dealt with in a professional and effective manner and we have overcome the issues. For both the onshore and offshore teams, it shows the quality of the people involved and that by working together high performance can be achieved.

Maintaining efficiency: Several months ago I predicted an end date of June 8, which was a stretch and we have finally ended up on June 12. This is only slightly over our AFE number and considering we did not know the performance of the Prospect at the time and the challenges on the W1 Rochelle well, this is great performance and needs to be acknowledged.

Thanks again to everyone involved and hope that when we move onto Rochelle E2 that we can maintain the same levels of performance but as important the team spirit.”

Chris Bird
Endeavour Energy

Sedco 706

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Transocean Sedco 706 team for all their effort in preparation for the IBAMA audit. Obtaining the good news from IBAMA is an achievement in itself and was not the result of several, but the result of everyone working together – this includes everyone currently on hitch or off hitch. It should be noted that this was done incident free. Please share this message with all. Thanks, to the TEAM!!”

Eric Emerson
Drilling and Completions Manager

On behalf of the Chevron employees who have had the privilege to work with the crew of the Sedco 706, we pass along our appreciation for the services you have provided Chevron over the last four years.

During these past years the team on the Sedco 706 developed a world-class safety culture; a culture where all rig personnel were committed to maintaining a safe work environment. Proof of this is in the safety results: zero days away from work injuries over the entire contract period and of the four recordable injuries, three happened in the first eight months of the contract in 2009, with only one recordable injury in the last three and a half years.

In addition to the excellent safety performance, the Frade wells were drilled and completed with great attention given to continuous improvement. The effective application of After Action Reviews (AARs) and the team-based generation of Plan of Actions (PAO) resulted in world-class levels of efficiency and well reliability.

We have had our collective challenges over the last four years but working as a team was never one of them. The team that worked on the Sedco 706 has been the best and most effective we have worked with. Remember that TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.

We strongly encourage the crew of the Sedco 706 to continue developing the already strong safety culture onboard. In particular, we encourage further development of the Sustainer Program. The very best way to manage safety is at the crew level and this program has great potential for maintaining long-term world class performance.

It has been a pleasure working with all of you. We wish you all the very best and continued success.

Eric Emerson
Drilling and Completions Manager

Paul MacMillan
Drilling and Completions Superintendent


Deepwater Expedition

“Outstanding accomplishment! When you think back on where we were when we entered Singapore in July 2011, it really is an outstanding achievement when you remember the challenges we faced. And through these challenges you guys have built a team out there that: Delivers best in class safety and environmental performance, installs drilling and lower completion work scope significantly under budget and reduced rig equipment downtime from a 2012 NPT of 15% to a 2013 YTD downtime of <5%.

This is very impressive!!  I am very proud to be part of the best deepwater drill team in the world!!  Please pass on my thanks to the TO/XOM/Service Provider team out there that delivers these exceptional accomplishments.”

Steve Wilson
Drilling Operations Superintendent
ExxonMobil Development Company – Drilling

Henry Goodrich

“On behalf of Suncor Energy East Coast, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your efforts in delivering Terra Nova L-98 12Z with strong safety performance, within the time and cost budget. You have delivered on your promise to use Transocean work management processes for each and every task carried our onboard the rig. Your approach to planning and execution of work is the key factor in delivering improved performance. I’m impressed with the attitude I see on the Henry Goodrich. You are clearly performing as a team, protecting each other every day because you know it’s the right thing to do. By working as an integrated team you have delivered superior drilling and completion performance.

Brian Stacey
Manager, Drilling Completion and Intervention
Suncor Energy Inc.

Sedco 714

“You can be proud of this incredible record (six years LTI-free), I am honored to work with a team so invested in the main objective of our business . Please accept all my respect. And thank you very much for all the efforts made by each keeping the 714 safe for the whole team.”

Jean Averan
Drilling-Completion Superintendent

“This is a magnificent milestone and one that you all should be very very proud of reaching! It is ever more a challenge in today’s environment where experienced and qualified personnel are becoming harder to source as such your achievement is even more important. As we continue going forward as a team, Total will support you in any way possible. Keep up the good work.”

Dougie MacPherson
Subsea Team Leader

Transocean Rather

“The Rather has continued to perform well for the last two wells in Angola Block 15.  The DIK-217 finished significantly under AFE due primarily to the rig’s minimal downtime.  The rig has continued this trend for the current well, BAT-110, which is on track to finish under AFE as well. Thanks for the good work performed safely!”

Brad Stanley
Angola Drill Team

GSF Development Driller III

“On behalf of BP, many thanks for your efforts in contributing to the very successful Atlantis well DC311. The well was delivered 67 days ahead of plan with only 11% overall non-productive time, zero recordable injusries and without any process safety incidents or Loss of Primary Containment (LOPC).”

The DDIII team exhibited all the attributes consistent with a One Team philosophy and the intent of all four performance levers – safety, compliance, reliability and delivery of the plan – were all met with passion and energy.

You are a member of a high-performing team that is making a difference in the Gulf of Mexico. We must continue to look after our fellow team members, use the safety tools powerfully, diligently work the detail, take pride in what we do, and do all in our power to conduct the operation with a “right first time” approach.

The DDIII is charged with delivering some important wells for BP and we have every confidence that this team will maintain the high standards it has set for itself and the region.”


Gavin Kidd,
Wells Team Leader

Carl Mountford,
Well Operation Manager Atlantis

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