Having long admired and respected Transocean for the professionalism and loyalty the company’s employees have exhibited, I was honored this summer to participate in my inaugural FIRST Excellence Awards ceremony. The awards presented during this event are earned by individuals who have clearly demonstrated the company’s FIRST Core Values.  This is a truly stellar group of professionals.

My first day on the job you could feel the energy at Transocean. I’ve been impressed by the unique culture that exists here. There truly is a special camaraderie. Transocean is a dynamic and energetic place, where we work together to tackle challenges, and achieve our goals. I am honored to work alongside so many passionate people committed to the company’s success. Now that I’ve experienced it firsthand, I’d like to share with those who may not know, a little bit about what makes the FIRST Excellence Award so special.

The individuals we honor are the cornerstones of our company. They set an example for each of us through their leadership, and inspire us to achieve our best both as individuals and as a company. By exemplifying the FIRST Core Values, these individuals and the rigs they work on have generated extraordinary results.

During the past 16 years, Transocean has honored hundreds of individuals and more than 80 rigs and teams – some multiple times – with FIRST Excellence Awards. The Core Values are something Transocean employees really live by, and it is fantastic to see this in action.

What is most amazing to me, as I was introduced to this, is how rigorous the selection process is, and that it is performed using a peer-to-peer evaluation. This means somebody recognized the work each of these individuals was doing on his or her rig or location, and put them forward for this award. The nomination was then considered by a manager and then the Nomination Review Committee before it went to the Executive Nomination Review Committee. Many hours are devoted to ensuring the integrity of the nomination review and approval process to make sure the final award recipients truly reflect the FIRST Core Values.

I congratulate each of this year’s award recipients for living the FIRST Core Values, and providing inspiration to those around them. It truly feels like a family here, and this awards ceremony and issue of Beacon, which celebrates the recipients, provides just a small glimpse into the special people who help Transocean succeed each and every day.

Thanks for all you do.

Jeremy Thigpen

President and CEO


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